Re-imagining Education is designed to help educators, parents, and community leaders reflect on their own educational experiences. What were the lessons we were taught – consciously and unconsciously – about what it means to be human? About power? About what makes a good life? About why we are even in school in the first place?

We will explore these questions not merely to reimagine what is taught, but also how it is a taught, examining the subtle lessons conveyed by the learning process and, crucially, the space. A classroom isn’t merely a neutral space to teach facts and skills; rather, it creates a little world, a microcosm that becomes the metaphor upon which we base our vision for the world.

Learn more about this educational philosophy and the specific practices we have implemented at Chicago Wisdom Project in the book, Reimagining the Classroom.

The Chicago Wisdom Project empowers both teachers and students to take a deeper look at the stories of the Modern world that may no longer sustain us – ecologically, economically, culturally. Our problems cannot be solved merely through technology, or even politics; rather, we need to re-imagine what it means to be human. We need new stories, new poetics, new ideas that are brought forth in relationship and in liberatory spaces that allow for diverse voices to be heard.

And we require radically new ways of teaching and learning – classrooms that take new and creative forms.

In a rapidly changing world, one of the few things we know about education is that the conventional models aren’t working. We simply don’t know what tomorrow will look like, so the skills required for tomorrow can’t be easily packaged. Tomorrow’s leaders, citizens, and creatives need to be imaginative, adaptable, and curious enough to continue to learn and change.

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