In a rapidly changing world, one of the few things we know about education is that the conventional models aren’t working. We simply don’t know what tomorrow will look like, so the skills required for tomorrow can’t be easily packaged. Tomorrow’s leaders need to be creative, adaptable, and curious enough to continue to learn and change. We need to re-imagine education in order to empower people to re-imagine our world.

Re-imagining Education empowers its participants to take a deeper look at the stories of the Modern world that may no longer sustain us — ecologically, economically, culturally. Our problems cannot be solved merely through technology, or even politics; rather, we need to re-imagine what it means to be human. We seek new stories, new poetics, new ideas — and we put our ideas and stories into action. This work requires the wisdom of those at the margins, and by those with the courage to imagine a new world.

Re-imagining Education is designed to help teachers and community leaders reflect on their own educational experiences and to become teachers in their own fields. A school doesn’t merely teach facts and skills; rather, it creates a little world, a metaphor that becomes the metaphor upon which we base our vision for the world. We reflect on and critique this before turning to specific practices and ideas that can re-imagine education.

Workshops: The Chicago Wisdom Project leads workshops for educators. Learn about how to facilitate a wisdom circle and get curriculum ideas for your program.

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Seeding: We’ll work with you to develop a program from scratch and continue to advise you as the program develops. Click here to see an example of a program we seeded.

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