The Chicago Wisdom Project’s camp is open to people from all over the country.

Our planet and our communities face challenges that are unique in human history. This requires new ways of being human, new kinds of communities, and new forms of education. It requires new stories about who we are and our place in the world.

We host the leaders, teachers, and artists of the future in order to reimagining the stories that guide our values. Our programs seek to foster narratives that bring forth vibrant, just, sustainable, and compassionate communities. We do this through unique programs that involve:

CONNECTING to nature:
We provide an opportunity to live mindfully and to become aware of ourselves as part of a web of ecological relationships
ASKING questions:
We engage in inquiry and dialogue about big questions (Who Am I? Why Am I Here?) and the questions faced by our communities.
EXPLORING cultural & ancestral traditions
We explore how our various traditions have asked and answered the most important questions and the stories they have told about who we are.
EXPRESSING unique perspectives
We create caring circles of peers, mentors, and elders so young people can share their feelings safely.
From poetry to pottery, from music to painting, we provide guidance in telling the reimagined stories of our youth.
Because we have fun together, because we experience the beauty of nature and art, and because we feel the support and love of the community, our programs are joyful. At the same time, we provide a safe space to confront the pain and trauma that are a part of human experience.
EXPERIENCING rituals & rites of passage
We engage in ritual to provide a sense of place in the world and to empower youth entering into adulthood.

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