The Chicago Wisdom Project has developed a complete curriculum and pedagogical approach and conducts trainings for young leaders to implement these practices in their communities.

As leaders, our youth will recognize that they do not stand outside of the community, the planet, or the ecosystem; rather, they are connected to all aspects of that whole and, as teachers, do not attempt to change the minds of their students but to create the space in which transformation can occur. Participants will not only learn how to lead and facilitate groups; they also will learn how to create community spaces for these transformative processes. The ultimate purpose of the training is to re-imagine the narratives about who we are and create leaders and teachers who can empower others in their communities to do the same.

We will help to build capacity through the “Four Cs”:

1. Context: Focusing beyond the self to cultivate an awareness of and commitment to the health of the larger system – “the whole”. This is where our shared stories are heard.

 2. Contemplation: Focus on the interior self to cultivate an awareness of interconnections, of historical and ecological context, and our emotional and spiritual lives. This requires deep, personal work through meditation and reflection. This is where one’s personal story is recognized.

3. Conversation: Fostering reflection and dialogue outside of ones comfort zone in order to challenge deeply held assumptions. This is where the possibility of a new story is imagined by becoming aware of others’ stories.

4. Co-Creation: Shifting from reactive problem-solving to co-creating the future. This is where the new stories are told.

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