1. We always start with the story that our students bring into the process: We ask questions and seek the wisdom of our youth.

2. We give the youth the tools to critique the narratives they’ve been given — a deficit narrative — and move toward creating a new narrative — a counter-narrative.

3. During our time with our students, we implement a holistic pedagogy that includes meditative practice, nature immersion, critical dialogue, therapeutic practices, and creative expression.

4. We encourage our students to pursue their passion through a creative project. This project can be anything, but it always has to do with re-imagining their story. Ultimately, we hope to transform the story our students start with and allow them to tell a new story that can transform their world.

5. Our nature retreats and camps are a space for building caring community and bonds that will last a lifetime, as well as a place to unplug and reconnect to nature. It is here that the students have their rite of passage ceremony.